Posted February 8, 2023

Pelican Rope Works - U.S. Rigging Supply expands distribution into Canada

Pelican Rope Works - U.S. Rigging Supply (PRW-USR), specializing in safety product manufacturing and distribution, is partnering with Canadian Sales Agency Group (CSAG), a manufacturer representative agency specializing in safety, construction, and industrial products. CSAG will increase in the company’s distribution and support resources offered to new and existing customers throughout Canada.

PRW-USR says CSAG’s coast-to-coast representative network will enable Canadian customers to receive expert consultation and support regarding all its products.

“Our partnership with Canadian Sales Agency Group is an exciting and significant development for Pelican Rope Works and U.S. Rigging Supply,” said PRW-USR CEO Terry Walker. “We’ve enjoyed working with a wide range of customers throughout Canada during our 40-year history and our alignment with CSAG enables us to better serve our Canadian customers and expand sales throughout the country.”

The partnership officially began February 1, 2023, with six CSAG representatives trained and equipped to showcase PRW-USR’s extensive selection of rope, rigging and other products to thousands of customers, including some of Canada’s premier distributors of safety, construction, and industrial products. Led by PRW-USR’s Global Sales & Marketing Director Jeff S. Huff, the group has developed strategic plans to expedite product representation and exposure, with an emphasis on safety, fall protection, and the arborist channel.

CSAG Managing Partner Tim Balcome said, “Pelican Rope Works and U.S. Rigging Supply are true leaders in manufacturing and distributing rope and rigging equipment. They provide world-class product, innovative solutions to customers’ needs, and exceptional customer service. CSAG shares their vision and we’re proud to partner with such an organization.”