Posted February 11, 2022

SW Anderson Company acquires two distributors

The SW Anderson Company, a specialty and Class C component distributor, has acquired two fastener distributors.

S.W. Anderson Co.Jet Fitting & Supply Corp. is a specialty and standard fastener distributor in Santa Ana, California; and ME Martin Company, is a standard fastener distributor in Cleveland, Ohio.

“We are thrilled to add both Jet Fitting and ME Martin employees to SW Anderson,” said Jim Deegan, SW Anderson president. “Their ability to work on applications with customers will align well with SW Anderson’s technical sales model and access to engineered products. We are looking to provide our newly acquired customers with more products, services and services to help them grow their businesses. Look forward to supporting you with technical resources.

Jet Fittings & Supplies Corp. was started in 1946 as a family business and distributor of aircraft hardware/fittings and standard hardware, fasteners and related tooling.It serves customers through spot-buying and stocking inventory services and tool repair.

“The support of the SW Anderson team for Jet Fitting customers will be enormous," said Dana Garlock of Jet Fittings. "SW Anderson goes much further than just selling products; their application and engineering knowledge are invaluable and, when their diverse products Paired with the offering, Jet Fitting is the distributor’s powerhouse to work with for customers.”

The ME Martin Company was started in 1977 as a family business and distributor of standard hardware and fasteners. It assists customers through spot-buy and stocking inventory services.

“ME Martin customers have a new, powerful partner – a high-potential, exclusive product from international manufacturers and with decades of application knowledge to look back on,” said Dave Nykes of ME Martin.