Posted February 17, 2023

Royal Supply Co. and Specialty Bearings launches new safety supplies company

6S Safety was launched on Feb. 10 by Don Chargin, president of Royal Supply Company and Specialty Bearings. The new company will distribute safety products to all industry segments as well as services and training for customers and in maintenance, repair, and overhaul markets and for OEMs.

Don Chargin
Don Chargin

6S Safety is based on the 5S Quality system: (1) Sort, (2) Set-in-Order, (3) Shine, (4) Standardize, and (5) Sustain.

“When your implement the 5S quality process, you secure the 6S, which is safety compliance,” said Chargin, a veteran in industrial distribution and president of 6S Safety.

“We are excited to present our full 6S Safety capabilities to help our customers keep their costs in line and their injuries to a minimum using the proper safety products in addition to the training we offer,” he added.