Posted February 19, 2019

AFFLINK names regional sales managers

AFFLINK announced the addition of Jack Bryant as regional sales manager for the North Central Region and Phillip Chang as regional sales manager for the Northeast.

Jack Bryant Phillip Chang
Jack Bryant Phillip Chang

Bryant brings years of experience in the packaging industry, as a former leader of Supply One in Newton Square, Pennsylvania. Under his leadership, the company was awarded AFFLINK’s Company of the Year award. Bryant was able to turn “breakeven divisions” into profitability centers as well as improve the company culture at Supply One.

Chang joins AFFLINK from Inteplast, the largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America. Chang’s focus was establishing quality relationships, maximizing efficiencies, and the development of Inteplast’s e-commerce sales channel. Chang holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, and an MBA from Marymount University.

“We are very proud to have these two gentlemen join the AFFLINK team," said Rob Dunn, vice president of sales for AFFLINK. “Their responsibilities will be to increase the profitability of Members in their regions. We need our members to know all about the programs and services AFFLINK offers to help bolster sales and bottom-line earnings.”