Posted March 1, 2023

Four suppliers join NAHAD

NAHAD – The Association for Hose and Accessory Distribution announced four new supplier members to its ranks: KYKLO, Tubes International, United Hose Inc., and Transfer Oil.

Based in Buffalo, New York, KYKLO, provider of a cloud-based e-commerce platform for distributors and manufacturers, currently serves several distributor members of the NAHAD group with its combination of enhanced product data and SEO-optimized ecommerce solutions.

“The hose and accessory market holds many of the same challenges faced by our existing client base,” said Managing Director Ryan Francis. “Customers are searching for the right product for their applications. Finding just the right product for their application requires information. Their first step in the buying decision revolves around a search of the internet. KYKLO is well positioned to help customers find the right product and the right company to buy the product.

“Come meet me and our CEO, Remi Ducrocq, at the annual NAHAD conference April 29–May 3 and discuss your digitalization journey,” Francis added.

Tubes International is a global supplier of hoses and couplings for industrial and high pressure applications. The company offers products in all sizes, materials and operating pressures from the world’s leading manufacturers.

United Hose says it stands out for consistent service and best quality hoses. Its turnaround time for the delivery is 36-48 hours from the an order is placed.

Transfer Oil S.p.A. is a reference company in the high-pressure and ultra-high thermoplastic flexible hose sector strongly oriented to exports. Headquartered in northern Italy, the company has two branches in Asia and one in the U.S.