Posted March 2, 2020

ISA Focuses on the End User at ISA Atlanta 2020

This year, ISA is bringing the End User’s perspective to ISA Atlanta 2020.

Starting with the opening Keynote, attendees will hear about Exponential Disruption and how they’ll be challenged to think differently about the changes ahead for the channel.

Thomas Derry Kristopher Pinnow Elizabeth Baker

Thomas W. Derry
Chief Executive Officer
Institute for Supply Management

Kristopher Pinnow
VP Global Strategic Sourcing
Collins Aerospace
Elizabeth Baker
Senior VP, Head of Manufacturing Medical Devices, Phillips

Next up, as part of the ISA 360 Session, attendees will hear from the End User. The session will include a panel of decision makers from Collins Aerospace, Phillips and the Institute for Supply Management. They’ll cover macro-trends of the industrial supply channel, how value add will be assessed moving forward and a first-hand account of a transformation journey that is sure to inspire new ways of thinking.

Bringing it all together will be an education session on Aligning your Go-To-Market Strategy. This session, specifically for distributors, will focus on how to think about and implement a strategic framework that will ensure their go-to-market strategy is aligned with how End Users want to buy.

Last year ISA rolled out its Channel 2.0 strategic framework for its members, a new standard of expectations to help all stakeholders (Distributors, Manufacturers, and IMRs) create better value for each other while attaining the goal of satisfying the End User’s evolving needs.

This year’s ISA 360 panel will resonate with attendees as more and more change in the channel is being driven by the rapidly evolving needs of the end user. Register today for ISA Atlanta 2020 to position your company for future success within the channel.