Posted March 5, 2019

AD holds largest gathering of bearings and PT distributors

AD Bearings & Power Transmission hosted its fourth annual AD Winter Meeting in Miami Feb. 5-8, but it was the first since the group merged with IDC-USA.

More than 300 members and supplier partners were in attendance, with over 95 independent distributor companies present. By all accounts, it was the largest gathering of independent distributors ever to assemble in the Bearings & Power Transmission industry.

“The AD Winter Meeting was an incredibly exciting event in which to participate. All attendees got a first-hand view of the sheer scale of the organization we have created with the IDC-USA merger into AD. We have received tremendous accolades from both members and suppliers on the value they garnered from the gathering. We can only look forward to bigger and better meetings in the future,” said George Graham, president of AD Bearings & Power Transmission.

Throughout this historic meeting, members and supplier partners experienced the best of both worlds as a result of the merger. Presentations were made to share the benefits of innovative programs such as Warehousing, AD Marketplace, AD eCommerce Solutions, and AD HR and Procurement Services. Additional highlights of the AD Winter Meeting included best in class networking, strategic partner briefings, and one-on-one booth appointments.

The best of the best were honored for their participation and commitment to AD:

Member of the Year (As voted on by Suppliers) – State Electric Supply Co.
Supplier of the Year (As voted on by the Members) – HKK Chain
Member Performance 2018 – Tier 1 – CBT
Member Performance 2018 – Tier 2 – IBT Industrial Solutions
Supplier Performance 2018 – Tier 1 – Beltservice Corporation
Supplier Performance 2018 – Tier 2 – ORS Nasco
Largest Growth Percentage for a Network – Network 905 - comprised of Gordon Industrial Supply Company, M.B. McKee Company, PRS Industries, Van Meter, and U S Bearing and Power Transmission Corp.

In addition to the 2018 AD honorees, the following legacy IDC–USA members and suppliers were also recognized for their participation in and commitment to IDC-USA during the 2018 calendar year:

IDC Marketplace Mountain Shaker - Bearing Distributors, Inc.
IDC Marketplace Mountain Mover - Akron Bearing Co., Inc.
IDC Marketplace Supplier of the Year - Bando USA
IDC-USA Best in Show - Akron Bearing Co., Inc.
IDC-USA Top Dog- Weimer Bearing & Transmission
IDC-USA Supplier of the Year - Nachi America