Posted March 13, 2023

OTR plans for Monterrey, Mexico facility

OTR Engineered Solutions (OTR), a provider of off-the-road tires, wheels, assemblies, and services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket, will initiate plans to open a new facility near Monterrey, Mexico, in late 2023 to early 2024.

This move is in response to OTR’s commitment to support several OEM customers that are establishing operations in Mexico. In the new facility, OTR will supply products and services such as tire mounting, sequencing, just-in-time supply, and warehousing on a local basis, operating as a leveraged resource and strategic partner for its customers.

OTR’s facility will provide additional space and scalability to support OEM customers that have a presence in Mexico or are establishing one there. The company selected the Monterrey area due to its infrastructure, availability of skilled labor, manufacturing activity, and proximity to customers. The location complements OTR’s global expansion plans. It also builds upon the momentum from OTR’s greenfield site opened in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2021 to support customers in the robust Texas market.

OTR said it may also add wheel manufacturing capabilities in Mexico, augmenting what is currently done in Asia, the U.S., and Canada. This would bolster capacity and local supply not only for customers in Mexico but also in the U.S. and Canada.