Posted March 15, 2021

Tofino Software releases new app

Tofino Software, an e-procurement and MRO management software company, has released its all-new app for both Android and iOS.

Tofino Software screenshotThe intuitive app supports the shift to multi-purpose handheld devices, allowing businesses to deploy their device of choice. Tofino’s app can be used on rugged handheld devices available from a broad spectrum of suppliers including Zebra, Honeywell and Nautiz, or on standard consumer phones and tablets, with the option of adding a sled or keyboard wedge if barcode scanning is required.

Tofino’s flexibility extends beyond device choice. Flexible on-the-go scanning and inventory counting boosts productivity and accuracy while shortening replenishment time. Mobile-enabled smart procurement lets users quickly create requisitions and purchase orders for critical spot-buys.

“We listened to our customers. Since the app works with or without network connectivity, users can perform inventory and supply room related activity at sites with limited or no internet access. Point-of-use counts, bin-stocking and supply room management all update automatically when the device is connected to a data or wi-fi network,” said John Spring, vice president of product development. “Whether the customer manages their inventory themselves (CMI) or it’s a distributor partner providing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services, the app provides borderless visibility.”