Posted March 16, 2021

Air Products opens Arizona air separation unit

Air Products announced that its newest air separation unit (ASU) in Chandler, Arizona is onstream and under long-term contract supplying key electronics and other customers.

The ASU is capable of producing over two million standard cubic feet per hour of gaseous nitrogen and over 20,000 standard cubic feet per hour of high purity oxygen.

"Air Products' team was able to place this ASU onstream under a tight schedule and to do so safely and under our proven build, own and operate model. The Chandler location is a world-class, high volume site with potential for future capacity expansions. The new ASU is an important investment for Air Products as it will enable us to continue to supply the electronics industry and other customers with the nitrogen and oxygen needed for their growth," said Francesco Maione, president, Americas at Air Products.

Air Products has been operating the Chandler facility since 1981 and its last expansion there occurred in 2011. Air Products adds this new ASU to the five existing ASUs it owns and operates at its plant site in Chandler. Air Products also operates two nitrogen pipelines connecting the Air Products facility to semiconductor manufacturers and customers in the area. The new project also added a significant amount of additional low-pressure liquid nitrogen storage to maintain the reliability model at the site, as well as high purity oxygen storage.