Posted March 30, 2022

Hy-Tek Holdings acquires FASCOR and LCS

Hy-Tek Holdings, a portfolio company of Dunes Point Capital, has acquired FASCOR and LCS.

Hy-Tek Material HandlingHy-Tek is a material handling automation integrator serving clients in diverse end-markets and applications, including ecommerce, third-party logistics, and parcel. FASCOR is a provider of proprietary supply chain execution software solutions. LCS is a systems integrator. Combined, the companies operate as Hy-Tek Material Handling LLC. 

“Hy-Tek’s acquisitions of FASCOR and LCS broaden our offerings as the predominant player in material handling and integrated systems," said Sam Grooms, Hy-Tek Holdings CEO. "With FASCOR, Hy-Tek sits at the helm of the supply chain, delivering robust, agile, affordable execution, transportation, and inventory management software solutions. LCS, a long-standing Hy-Tek partner, expands the reach of our IS division. Committed to growth through acquisitions, Hy-Tek always is looking for best-of-breed companies to join our team.”