Posted April 6, 2022

Continental partners with WarehouseTWO

Continental has partnered with WarehouseTWO to establish a new inventory-sharing program designed to benefit Continental SELECT Distributor Network members.

Michael BraucherThis program allows selected distributors to buy and sell available inventory from one another in effort to improve on time performance and increase overall customer satisfaction. In addition, WarehouseTWO helps distributors to generate more sales with less inventory and prevent loss of potential sales due to out-of-stock issues.

The partnership was announced by Mike Braucher, responsible for Continental’s ContiTech Group Sector Sales in North America. “We are extremely excited to partner with WarehouseTWO and provide our distributors with a valuable opportunity to increase their sales and boost their customer satisfaction," he said. "This inventory-sharing program has the ability to provide distributors with additional sales opportunities that they previously would have been unable to fulfill. It effectively expands our distributor’s inventory, helps move surplus stock, and can help sell slower moving inventory, all with the need for increasing distributors’ finished goods inventory.”

By joining the WarehouseTWO program, members of the Continental SELECT Distributor Network have the opportunity to grow their market share, turn more inquiries into orders, reduce premium freight/expedite fees, and close backorders faster.

WarehouseTWO?is an internet-based “inventory-sharing” software tool created for manufacturers to protect and strengthen their networks of authorized distributors. WarehouseTWO members make their inventory data available to peer members by uploading it to the WarehouseTWO server.