Posted April 23, 2019

SpotSee shifts ShockLog manufacturing to U.S.

SpotSee, a provider of shock, vibration and temperature monitoring, has moved its ShockLog impact recorder manufacturing facility from England to Graham, Texas.

ShockLog production now takes place alongside the rest of the SpotSee product line at the Graham plant. 

“Moving ShockLog production to our Graham facility provides us with the ability to streamline our manufacturing processes and improve quality control,” said Gabriel Jurado, vice president of manufacturing, SpotSee. “It’s also part of our larger strategy to consolidate production to our Graham and Chihuahua, Mexico, facilities to better manage the changing global trade situation.”

Shifting ShockLog manufacturing to Graham has added 10 new jobs to the facility, bringing total employment at the location to 45. The plant is now responsible for manufacturing the OpsWatch, ShockLog and SpotBot product lines.

“The ability to better scale production and reduce lead time makes us more agile and able to serve our current and future customers,” said Dale Glen, vice president of supply chain, SpotSee. “This move also coincides with increased sales for ShockLog, allowing us to match the heightened demand for supply-chain transparency.”

ShockLog provides transparency to the supply chain by monitoring and recording shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by any type of structure or equipment, whether in storage, transit or use. The device is primarily used in the energy, industrial, medical and power industries.