Posted May 1, 2019

PathGuide to release VMI solution

PathGuide Technologies announced the upcoming Q3 release of Advanced Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to enable all distributors to improve customer service, retain existing business and grow market share.

PathGuide recently showcased Advanced VMI capabilities at the company’s Latitude User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

PathGuide’s standalone Advanced VMI is the first product to run independently outside of the warehouse for a distributor’s customers. Advanced VMI provides full inventory control and order management, including visibility to shelf life requirements and traceability down to inventory lot numbers, expiration dates and serial numbers.

“Advanced VMI is a no-brainer for distributors of all sizes, especially those looking for a value-add opportunity and investing in their sales force,” said Eric Allais, president and CEO of PathGuide. “This groundbreaking solution enables distributors to offer their customers a simple, fast, error-free, and convenient item restocking process.”

Advanced VMI helps distributors and their customers efficiently maintain inventory levels and easily create and manage replenishment orders. When a customer runs low on stock of an item, Advanced VMI can generate an automatic replenishment order, bringing inventory levels up to predetermined maximums. The order is then sent to the distributor for fast, accurate fulfillment.