Posted May 7, 2024

Gartner recognizes GAINSystems as visionary for supply chain planning 

GAINSystems, a supply chain performance optimization company, announced it has been positioned as a Visionary in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluation is based upon the Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute, which positions GAINSystems in the Visionary quadrant for its cloud-native solution that includes areas such as demand management, inventory optimization, supply planning, and network design. The company's customer reviews from the last 12 months on Gartner Peer Insights show a 100% willingness to recommend based on 14 reviews as of 24th April 2024 of forthe GAINSystems platform.

“To embrace today’s uncertainty, our customers expect composable solutions that enhance supply chain decision-making, work in concert with existing technology investments, and boost performance in their business,” said Dave Shrager, CEO of GAINSystems. “Today’s decisions are increasingly complex and expectations are higher than ever. This pressure is forcing organizations to reimagine decision making across their supply chain. GAINSystems is proud to be named a Visionary by Gartner. We believe our vision for decision engineering and orchestration helps companies embrace the unexpected, makes their existing investments smarter, and improves their financial performance.”

The?GAINS Halo360° Decision Engineering and Orchestration Platform for supply chain performance offers composable services, AI and ML offerings, and trusted supply chain veterans that drive measurable value for its customers. With advanced AI and ML capabilities, the GAINS Halo360° DEO Platform helps identify and prioritize decisions for maximum impact and automate complex functions such as demand planning, inventory optimization, supply planning, and scenario analyses. This empowers companies to scale and outperform their competition. The cloud-native platform delivers robust capabilities for companies of all sizes across distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, and retail.

Gartner stated: “Visionaries articulate a strong vision for their SCP solutions. Their product roadmaps demonstrate a good balance between their understanding of where users’ SCP solution requirements are heading and the intended use of key technological developments to help support those requirements.

Visionaries often are thought leaders in one or more key characteristics of SCP technology environments (for example, digital supply chain twin, multienterprise planning and AI), and their management teams prioritize development of advanced SCP capabilities. They have compelling product strategies, but may have current functional gaps in their SCP solution, lack live customers, have less recognition in the market or be in relatively weaker financial positions. They may have developed depth in a specific functional area (such as detailed scheduling or inventory optimization), but not yet have enough depth in other capability areas. Alternatively, they may have developed a highly innovative product whose users are not yet mature enough to derive full value from.”