Posted May 8, 2023

NAW urges bipartisan action on debt ceiling, federal spending 

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) issued the following statement from CEO Eric Hoplin on the debt ceiling crisis, ahead of President Joe Biden’s Tuesday meeting with Republican and Democrat leaders in the House and Senate:

"NAW is pleased to see President Biden meeting with Congressional leaders including Speaker Kevin McCarthy this week. We urge civility and bipartisanship as solutions are discussed to raise the debt ceiling and reduce out-of-control federal spending. The time for partisan politics and talking points is over. Washington must get serious about raising the debt ceiling and protecting our economy while taking serious steps toward addressing the out-of-control spending that led us here in the first place. We must enact sound fiscal policies to ensure that we never again test the fiscal cliff and place American businesses and families in a dangerous economic position.” said Eric Hoplin, president and CEO of NAW.