Posted May 19, 2024

FLIR forges partnership for industrial imaging cameras

FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies, and UE Systems, a world leader in ultrasound inspection tools, have announced a business and technology partnership to provide industrial customers with leading-edge predictive maintenance solutions, beginning with the FLIR Si2-Series of acoustic imaging cameras: Si2-Pro, Si2-LD, and Si2-PD.

FLIR Si2LDLeveraging each organization’s deep expertise in supporting manufacturing reliability and energy conservation, UE Systems and FLIR will jointly operate throughout the world providing ultrasonic technology for condition monitoring needs over a wide range of industrial applications. The Si2-series empowers customers to pinpoint issues relating to detecting partial discharge, identifying pressurized leaks, and locating mechanical faults in industrial environments.

“By partnering together, FLIR and UE Systems can provide manufacturing-focused industrial customers with more effective acoustic imaging solutions and expertise as part of comprehensive condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy conservation programs,” said Mark Bochella, vice president of sales and marketing, FLIR. “The mutually beneficial combination of FLIR’s strong brand, built on its thermal imaging expertise, with UE Systems’ extensive understanding of ultrasonic maintenance programs within manufacturing environments presents an enticing growth opportunity for both organizations.”

“This partnership affords FLIR and UE Systems the ability to combine their respective strengths for the benefit of reliability maintenance programs and energy conservation across the world, starting with the Si2-Series of acoustic imaging cameras,” said UE Systems Vice President, Global Technology & Business Development Blair Fraser. “In the months and years ahead, we anticipate UE Systems and FLIR will explore additional opportunities for collaboration that provide comprehensive, multi-sensing solutions customers can’t find anywhere else.”

The technology and business partnership initially comprises the Si2-Series of acoustic imaging cameras, offering industrial-grade solutions that address the top inspection requirements for manufacturing, electrical, processing, and utilities organizations. The partnership also opens additional opportunities for FLIR and UE Systems to collaborate on future industrial maintenance initiatives that align with the respective priorities of each organization.