Posted May 22, 2019

Earnest Machine adds Unbrako Socket Products

Earnest Machine announced that it is now the master distributor of high-performance Unbrako socket products to North America.

The new partnership couples Unbrako’s premium socket products with Earnest Machine’s industry leading distribution performance of 99.13 percent, the companies said in a press release.

“With Earnest Machine’s industry-leading distribution performance metrics, we’re confident that this partnership will help us win in the market, and will also provide a new product line to Earnest’s customers,” said Bill Boak, vice president of sales and marketing for Unbrako.

The company’s partnership with Earnest Machine makes it easier to acquire product in the Midwest and Eastern regions, where it is most sought, as it will be shipped out of both of Earnest’s distribution centers in Indianapolis and Atlanta.

“One hurdle this joint arrangement overcomes is expanding the distribution footprint outside the west coast where the product is currently warehoused,” said Boak. “Our arrangement with Earnest gets the product to the locations where it’s most used quickly and cost-effectively.”

Unbrako’s premium fastener product exceeds most industry specifications, provides a more complete size range, and includes value-added attributes such as forged heads, rolled threads, and e-code lot code headmarkings, all of which were considered when Earnest decided to partner with Unbrako, the company said.

“This is an exceptional product that we will offer at a competitive price and we feel carrying this product will help our customers be more successful,  said Kirk Zehnder, CEO of Earnest Machine. “Both brands are synonymous with quality and endurance in the marketplace. Unbrako’s quality fasteners paired with Earnest’s best in class customer service is going to drive our customers’ success.”

Unbrako socket products will be made available for purchase from Earnest beginning Aug.1, 2019, however, both Unbrako and Earnest Machine are encouraging distributors to begin a dialogue now to discuss creating custom socket programs.