Posted May 23, 2022

Airgas reveals new tagline

Airgas has launched a new campaign theme line “Fill Your Potential,”  intended to enhance its brand, inspire customers and associates, attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

Fill Your PotentialThe phrase captures Airgas’ unique promise and is empowered by the voices of both customers and Airgas associates. The claim aims to emphasize how Airgas, through its employees, is striving to accompany its customers on delivering their full potential may it be through gases, welding or safety products they use.

Launched internally first to associates in March, the external launch taking place throughout 2022 includes a variety of new corporate and marketing collateral such as a video, truck branding, facility materials, promotional items and

As Airgas, an Air Liquide company, embarks on the launch of the new Air Liquide ADVANCE strategic plan, the company is more innovative, adaptable and focused than ever on the potential it enables to customers through the gases, supplies and expertise it delivers.

“Airgas associates thrive on enabling our customers to reach their competitive best, from daily reliability to ambitious transformations," said Jay Worley, chief operating officer. "Our new theme line, Fill Your Potential, represents our commitment and mobilization to journey with customers in pursuit of value creation, while together embracing the promise of a sustainable and prosperous future.”