Posted May 25, 2022

Allied Motion Technologies acquires ThinGap

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. has completed the acquisition of ThinGap, a developer and manufacturer of high performance, zero cogging slotless motors for use in applications that require precise motion in a compact, yet high-torque-to-volume solutions.

ThinGap expands Allied’s precision motion capabilities. The addition to the Allied team also advances the company’s strategy to provide integrated motion solutions in the robotics, semiconductor and instrumentation markets where ThinGap’s key motor characteristics are well suited for the high precision, smooth motion requirements in these exacting applications. Key current markets for ThinGap include aerospace, defense, and medical.

Based in Camarillo, California, ThinGap designs, engineers and manufacturers low profile, brushless DC motor kits and assemblies that utilize a proprietary wave-wound stator architecture and highly optimized rotors. ThinGap’s motors come in a wide range of sizes, output power and form-factors ideally suited for high-end applications, such as satellites, airborne systems, optics platforms, test equipment and medical robotics.