Posted May 29, 2020

MRC Global president and CEO to retire in 2021

MRC Global announced that president and chief executive officer Andrew Lane will retire on Dec. 31, 2021.

Andrew LaneLane has served as a director of MRC Global and president and CEO since September 2008 and was the MRC Global chairman of the board from December 2009 until April 2016, when the positions of chairman of the board and CEO were separated.

"Next year I turn 62. I will complete my thirteenth year as CEO, and the company will reach its 100-year milestone next year. It's the right time for me to retire," said Lane. "I'm especially proud of helping to build the global PVF distribution leader in the energy industry. It has been an honor to lead our team in achieving a successful initial public offering in April 2012, reaching $5.9 billion in sales in 2014 at the last peak in the oil and gas cycle, successfully addressing the volatile market conditions in recent years and working to build our MRCGO™ digital platform as we continue to position our business into the future."

Lane added, "I look forward to continuing to work closely with the board, the executive management team and our dedicated employees over the next 18 months to take the necessary actions in response to today's low oil and gas price and the Covid-19 external environment to position MRC Global for the eventual recovery in the years to follow."

Rhys Best, MRC Global's chairman of the board stated, "On behalf of the board of directors we want to thank Andrew for his leadership of MRC Global and his many years of service to our company. Given the extended timeline before Mr. Lane retires at the end of 2021, the board of directors will begin a thorough and deliberate CEO selection process."