Posted May 31, 2019

Epicor debuts AI virtual assistant for ERP

Epicor has developed a new AI virtual assistant designed to help automate ERP processes and help users be more productive.

Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) encompasses a new way of interacting with Epicor's ERP applications via voice and text messaging, according to Scott Hays, senior vice president of product marketing for EVA at Epicor, based in Austin, Texas. The AI virtual assistant is built on technologies like natural language processing.

EVA's AI incorporates industry-specific data that can help users with fairly simple queries, such as obtaining product information like price and quantities on hand, Hays explained. But it can also handle more complex interactions and execute actions. These can be relatively simple, like updating information in a database, but they can also get more complex.

"The second level of action gets into what the core [ERP applications] behind it do on a regular basis," Hays said. "For example, you can make a request through EVA to reschedule the manufacturing jobs that are running on the floor scheduled for today. Then, based on some information that EVA tells you and 'her' ability to tap into the core global scheduling engine of Epicor ERP, EVA will actually take the action."

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