Posted May 31, 2023

WorkHound anonymous 2-way chat deepens worker engagement

A new 2-way anonymous chat capability has been added to WorkHounds' platform. The new feature allows companies and their workers to engage in anonymous problem-resolving conversations via text in real time, facilitating open dialogue across frontline workforces.

WorkHound employee feedback system"Feedback is critical to ensuring employees feel heard and valued," said Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound. "Our new 2-way anonymous chat feature helps companies create an open environment for workers to provide this essential feedback."

After receiving anonymous feedback through WorkHound, companies can engage deeper with workers by opening an anonymous 2-way chat via text message. When the company starts a chat, the worker gets a text message letting them know someone from the organization wants to talk—and that the conversation will remain anonymous. Both parties can then chat until the issue is resolved.

WorkHound 2-way chat encourages workers to share thoughts freely and stimulates diverse feedback from all personality types. 2-way chat also boosts engagement and honest communication, which leads to faster resolutions.

"It's more user friendly and allows for quicker resolution, which helps even more with retention," said Jennifer Clark, experience improvement manager at USA Truck, a DB Schenker Co. and WorkHound customer. She added that the chat feature also "allows more proof that the platform is anonymous."

WorkHound has also unveiled its fully restructured website. The new site features an improved layout and user-friendly digital experience, and reflects the company’s expansion into new frontline industries following its highly successful launch in trucking.