Posted June 2, 2020

AIS announces Supplier of the Year Awards

AIS-All Integrated Solutions, an MSC company, announced its 2019 Supplier of the Year awards.

Each of the three winners went above and beyond to demonstrate considerable value, partnership, and support throughout the year.

AIS Supply Chain teams are responsible for the nominations. AIS awards the organization(s) that meet all of the requirements, including outstanding support, communication, continuous value-add and adaptability to the ever-changing market and demands.

The AIS Suppliers of the Year 2019 include: Rockford Fasteners, CSM Fastener Products, and Mack Engineer Corporation.

Here's how AIS Supply Chain teams describe this year's winners:

Rockford Fasteners, an Elgin Fastener Group company, has been a partner of AIS for more than 50 years. Rockford’s team continues to offer great customer care, quality product, and stocking programs to ensure proper inventory levels. The quality team at Rockford has a multi-point inspection process starting from the time raw materials arrive to all the way through the process and final product inspection. This documented trail is electronically filed and kept on hand.

CSM Fastener Products, a long-term partner with the AIS, manufactures a variety of externally threaded fasteners for use by customers in both automotive and industrial applications. CSM’s speed and attention to detail in engineering, quality, and sales contributes to a high level of quality along with competitive pricing and lead times. In the rare case that an issue arises, CSM has always stepped up to quickly provide a solution. For example, in late 2019, CSM helped earn new business for AIS by cutting lead times by four weeks to meet a customer’s production deadline.

Mack Engineering Corporation is an excellent supplier with great quality and an amazing response time. The team at Mack is very professional and willing to help in any aspect of creating a complete product, from engineering to heat-treating and plating. The quality team continuously provides first-class support with advanced measuring equipment, support for questions, and parts review.