Posted June 5, 2018

Osborn launches end-user van program

Osborn announced the launch of new end-user vans designed to get Osborn products in the hands of consumers starting in the Chicago metropolitan area in May.

Osborn van“From brand awareness and brand preference to cultural connections and effective selling, we’re focusing our efforts this year on making Osborn more of a household name,” said Brian Keiser, vice president of Osborn’s brush segment. “The vans will allow us to bring our products directly to the end-user and work one-on-one to gather feedback to continue to improve our product line.”

The vans, stamped with the Osborn logo and a close-up of the company’s power brush product, will be fully equipped with Osborn’s entire product line including abrasives, buffs and compounds and Load Runners.

In addition to the end-user vans, Osborn is planning to release several “Behind the Brands” videos and a new, user-friendly website. The firm plans to participate in multiple tradeshows around the globe to share and discuss these new products and initiatives.

“We are investing in growing Osborn brand recognition and believe the vans, as well as these additional efforts, will help us reach an audience far beyond our current operations,” said Brad Smith, director of sales for Osborn’s brush segment. “Our focus on the do-it-yourself market gives us the opportunity to leverage our products to an entirely new group of consumers.”