Posted June 14, 2023

AD announces electrical meeting highlights

Over 230 U.S. and Candian distributors attended the AD Electrical Spring Network Meeting May 10–12 to network with fellow AD members, share best practices, discuss the state of the industry, and learn ways to strengthen their partnership with AD.

“We have done a great job encouraging each other to be proactive about our futures: for ourselves, for our companies, and for the independent distribution model at large,” said Marisol Fernandez, president, AD electrical & industrial business unit. “When we gather together, we positively impact each other’s businesses and help one another navigate our industry and build on our successes.”

Electrical division leaders shared recent financial results, projected outcomes for 2023, and AD program updates with members at the U.S. and Canadian Member Business Meetings.

“Our electrical divisions saw their strongest year yet in 2022 across all metrics,” said Rob Dewar, president, AD Canada. “We have incredible members that make the most of every meeting, and I’m proud of our community for not being complacent with their past success and always being hungry for new opportunities to increase business.”

AD’s Electrical community collaborates and celebrates legacies

Individual network meetings, a highlight of the event, brought member company leaders together for multiple chances to discuss their businesses and offer recommendations in non-competitive environments.

During the New Products Showcase, select AD suppliers presented their latest innovations and product offerings to members. 

At the meeting, AD’s electrical divisions launched the AD Centennial Club, an honor celebrating companies with 100 years of service or more. In the program’s inaugural year, 30 AD electrical members celebrated their century-long legacies, including Dakota Supply Group celebrating 125 years in 2023, as well as Agilix Solutions, Barr-Thorp Electric, Fromm Electric Supply, and Turtle, all celebrating 100 years in business this year.

“Our members have legacies that span decades and, for some, over a century of serving their communities and their customers,” said Karen Baker, president, AD electrical – U.S. Division. “They have weathered storms, thrived in their markets, and made a true difference for their employees and community. Congratulations to all the new Centennial Club members for their legacies of success.”

AD’s electrical boards in the U.S. and Canada and the U.S. product committee met to offer guidance on AD’s programs and initiatives and share experiences from their companies to inspire new ideas.