Posted June 16, 2021

BlackHawk Industrial acquires two companies

Tulsa-based BlackHawk Industrial announced the acquisitions of ArgoDe Valle in Mexico and Southern Tool and Machine in Florida.

BlackHawk IndustrialArgoDe Valle (formerly Argo-Fusco) is an industrial distributor focused on metalworking applications.The company employs 30 associates operating from locations in Tijuana, Mexicali and Sonora, Mexico. Sofia Gallego will serve as general manager.

“We are truly excited about this newest acquisition. Not only does it extend our reach and increase our scale within the Mexican market, it also gives us a step forward on our trajectory of growth by delivering expanded functional expertise and resources along with new customer opportunities,” said John Mark, BlackHawk CEO. 

Southern Tool and Machine, an industrial distributor with locations in Pompano Beach and Largo, Florida, extends BlackHawk’s reach with a strong team of technical and metal-working experts who work with a broad range of customers in a strategically important geographic location. Ray Cmarik joins BlackHawk as the new sales leader for Southern Florida along with his eight-member team.