Posted June 16, 2023

Metal Forming & Coining (MFC) changes name to NETFORM

Metal Forming & Coining (MFC), a provider of engineered cold-formed powertrain components, has changed its name to NETFORM as part of the company’s growth strategy and to better reflect its industry leadership position.

“NETFORM is proud to carry on the tradition of excellence that began as MFC,” said Tim Cripsey, NETFORM president. “Our company was built on impeccable quality, advanced manufacturing processes, a passion for innovation, and a belief in people. As we continue to implement our growth strategy, it’s the perfect time to refresh our brand to elevate our perception in the marketplace.”

NETFORM’s cold-forming technology, along with its unique approach to product design, allows for the creation of unique solutions for electric vehicle (EV), hybrid, fuel cell and internal combustion engine (ICE) applications. The company has a wide range of products, spanning the gamut of powertrain and non-powertrain components. NETFORM serves the automotive, agricultural, and industrial markets in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

“Creativity and innovation are two key reasons NETFORM is a leader in the metalworking industry,” said James Rosseau, NETFORM executive vice president. “Our mission is to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations as we strive to reinforce our leadership position. Customers demand unerring quality and on-time delivery. To meet these expectations, we tie a passion for product and process development to our ability to listen to and understand customer challenges.”

NETFORM works closely with customers’ engineers as early as possible to thoroughly review all aspects of an issue. The company works to understand the issues, brainstorm options, and create innovative solutions.

“NETFORM’s focus is to create alternate solutions for our clients that result in parts consolidation,” said Cripsey. “We take a creative approach to developing lightweight, high-strength products that deliver for our customers.”

MFC, now NETFORM, has a rich history dating back to 1953. Starting as a supplier of products to the agricultural market, the company expanded to the automotive industry in the 1960s. Over time, MFC became a Tier 1 and 2 automotive supplier with a focus on applying its unique cold-forging technology to new applications.

In 1985, MFC became the sole producer of cold-forged diesel engine valve bridges for Cummins Engine Company, a relationship that still exists today. In 1989, the company achieved a significant milestone by developing the first cold-forged planetary carrier for Chrysler Corporation, a product line that remains one of MFC’s largest today.

The early 1990s saw MFC expand through the acquisition of Rod & Bar Processing in Toledo, Ohio. Consolidating its cold forging operations with the newly acquired facility, the company opened a new 100,000 sqare-foot plant in Maumee, Ohio, in 1997.

As MFC continued to grow and innovate, it established MFC Netform, a wholly owned subsidiary located in Detroit, in 2003. Today, focused on cold-formed, machined powertrain components, NETFORM produces shells and drums for various automotive and non-automotive applications. These operations take place in a 56,000 square-foot plant in Shelby Township, Michigan.