Posted June 19, 2024

Danfoss Drives, Honeywell collaborate on automation solutions

Danfoss Drives has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Honeywell to explore a possible collaboration on innovating automation solutions with an integrated architecture, aiming to reduce downtime and lower engineering costs.

Automation solutions are traditionally used to enhance efficiency, precision, safety and quality across various industries such as manufacturing, process industries, energy and utilities, automotive industries and agriculture.

By working together, Danfoss Drives and Honeywell aim to address the limitations of traditional automation solutions, which often force operators to choose between highly integrated, closed architectures that lack flexibility, and open architectures that provide flexibility but suffer from limited data integration and interoperability.

“At Danfoss, we firmly believe that the most innovative solutions come from direct cooperation with our customers and partners," said Mika Kulju, president of Danfoss Drives. With this collaboration, we will improve data integration and the commonly known lack of flexibility across automation platforms. The potential to drive growth and deliver enhanced value to our customers is enormous, hence I can only emphasize our strong commitment to making this partnership a success.”

The collaboration between Danfoss Drives and Honeywell aims to resolve data integration and interoperability issues across automation platforms by offering an open and integrated solution for the industry. This will enable both companies to deliver benefits to customers, including lower time to operation (TTO), reduced engineering time and costs, predictive maintenance, and enhanced information availability for operators.

The joint effort will benefit multiple sectors, including battery manufacturing, specialty chemicals, mining, and metals and minerals (MMM), among others.

“This partnership marks a transformative step in automation for the industry, ensuring process operators can work with the most accurate data available," said Pramesh Maheshwari, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. Together with Danfoss, Honeywell will help drive efficiency and flexibility through automation solutions for our customers.”