Posted June 20, 2024

Moxa joins Mitsubishi Electric e-Factory Alliance Program

Moxa, a manufacturer of industrial network equipment, announced it is now an official partner in the Mitsubishi Electric e-Factory Alliance Program, an ecosystem of best-in-class digital leaders committed to transforming the factory automation space.

By serving as a third-party reference program for its members' products, the e-Factory Alliance Program enables customers to choose the best options for handling their automation-related challenges. The Alliance tests the hardware and software of its more than 450 members with Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment to guarantee compatibility.

“By working together with other e-Factory Alliance Program members, Moxa aims to promote innovation and excellence in application areas including time-sensitive networking, cybersecurity, and industrial computing that will bring unprecedented levels of efficiency to industrial automation,” said Jack Lin, global project lead of Moxa’s Time-sensitive Networking (TSN) initiative.

The e-Factory Alliance Program offers complementary products from member companies to increase productivity from the device to the business system level. For Mitsubishi customers, that means ready access to Moxa’s broad range of compatible network infrastructure solutions including switches, routers, x86 and ARM-based computers, IIoT gateways, servers, and automation-friendly software for the secure, high visibility management of industrial networks.

One of the key areas of automation where Moxa has proven itself a leader is Time-sensitive Networking (TSN). This deterministic technology synchronizes critical data to enable real-time communication and network convergence in sectors as diverse as utilities, machine OEM, automotive manufacturing, and semiconductor fabrication. Moxa TSN solutions are CC-Link IE (Control and Communications Link Industrial Ethernet) certified, meaning they comply with this fast-growing open network protocol. Moxa CC-Link IE certified solutions provide data transmission rates of 1 Gbit/s via Industrial Ethernet as the transport medium.

Tom Burke, global director of industry standards at Mitsubishi Electric Automation and global strategic advisor for the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) Americas, said: "Mitsubishi is excited to have a technology innovator of Moxa's caliber become a member of the e-Factory Alliance, as well as for its ongoing support of CLPA and MELCO Factory Automation. By joining the alliance, Moxa has united with our other partners in forging a new age of industry that transforms traditional manufacturing processes into smarter models of operation."