Posted June 28, 2023

PTDA launches Learning Hub

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) announced the launch of its online learning management system, the PTDA Learning Hub.

With a user-friendly online interface, the PTDA Learning Hub features 17 micro-learns based on the 6th edition of the PTDA Power Transmission Workbook. Additionally, it includes PDF chapters of the Power Transmission Handbook enhanced with automated gifs and diagrams to reinforce key concepts.

The material is brand-agnostic, focusing on the fundamental characteristics, vocabulary and specifications of power transmissions/motion control (PT/MC) products. The expandable platform will grow to include additional content such as webinars and text-based resources, offering today’s digital learners 24/7 access to content to learn at their own pace.

“The competitive advantage for power transmission/motion control distribution companies is the knowledge and speed they bring to solving a customer’s complex problems,” said Ann Arnott, PTDA executive vice president and CEO. “As companies bring on new hires or transition employees into positions where customer interaction is a priority, the PTDA Learning Hub allows employers to easily advance product knowledge through self-directed learning opportunities. A greater breadth and depth of knowledge translates to a stronger competitive advantage, customer relationships, loyalty and sales.”

In a 2021 PTDA member needs assessment, employee training ranked among the top five areas distributors—especially companies under $10 million in sales—plan to invest in the next five years.

“As small distribution business owner, I lack a dedicated human resource team and training program,” said PTDA President Mike McLain, Allied Bearing and Supply. “As competition from large marketplaces continues to grow within our industry, training is a key area to set my company apart. I want my sales crew to be the ‘go-to’ team for creative customer solutions, and the PTDA Learning Hub helps facilitate that.”

“Employees are a company’s most valuable asset so offering practical, relevant training is essential to building a technically competent team that can add value and solve difficult customer applications,” said Matt Pavlinsky, director, PT Products, Applied Industrial Technologies. “Whether as a standalone program or supplemental to a company’s established LMS platform, PTDA’s Learning Hub provides the essentials for employee success in the PT/MC sector.”

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