Posted July 1, 2019

Kimball Midwest announces largest private label launch

Kimball Midwest announced the largest private-label launch in the company’s 96-year history.

The KM-USA High Head Grade 8 Cap Screw line features a proprietary head mark for complete traceability, as well as a 20 percent higher head for easier torqueing.

“KM-USA is a premium cap screw line that takes our Grade 8 fasteners to the next level, combining the traceability and quality needed in demanding applications with a higher head,” said Matt Ries, Kimball Midwest director of marketing. “This is another example of Kimball Midwest’s efforts to deliver added value to customers every day.”

The entire line is 100 percent American-made from American steel. In fact, 80 percent of Kimball Midwest’s inventory spend goes to products made in the United States.

“One of our primary goals is to carry products that are made in the USA,” said Pat McCurdy Jr., Kimball Midwest President and Chief Executive Officer. “This new line will give our outstanding sales team an additional tool as they continue to provide exceptional products and service to thousands of customers around the country.”

KM-USA High Head Grade 8 Cap Screws are available exclusively through Kimball Midwest’s team of more than 900 sales representatives serving customers across the continental United States.