Posted July 2, 2021

Factory employment rose slightly in June

Manufacturers added 15,000 jobs in June nationwide but the construction industry saw jobs decline by 7,000.

Furniture and related products added 9,000 jobs in June, while fabricated metal products saw 6,000 new jobs, and primary metals added 3,000 new jobs. Those gains were partially offset by a loss in motor vehicles and parts of 12,000 jobs. Employment in manufacturing is down by 481,000 from its level in February 2020.

Over-the-month job losses in nonresidential specialty trade contractors of 15,000 and heavy and civil engineering construction  job losses of 11,000 were partially offset by a gain in residential specialty trade contractors 13,000 jobs. Employment in construction is 238,000 lower than in February 2020.

Employment in mining rose by 10,000 in June, reflecting a gain in support activities for mining. Mining employment is down by 110,000 since a peak in January 2019.

Total U.S. employment rose by 850,000, and the unemployment rate declined to 5.9 percent

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