Posted July 8, 2022

Manufacturing and construction jobs increased in June

Job gains in manufacturing and construction helped the nation's overall employment rise by 372,000 in June, as the unemployment rate stayed at 3.6 percent.

Manufacturing employment increased by 29,000 in June and has returned to its February 2020 level.

Construction employment increased by 13,000 jobs in June following a gain of 34,000 in May.

Wholesale trade added 16,000 jobs in the month, including 8,000 in nondurable goods. Employment in wholesale trade is down by 18,000, or 0.3 percent, since February 2020.

Mining employment rose by 5,000 in June, with a gain in oil and gas extraction (+2,000). Mining employment is 86,000 above a recent low in February 2021.

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