Posted July 20, 2023

Turtle earns Ecovadis silver medal

Turtle, a large privately-held electrical and industrial distribution company specializing in integrated supply, placed in the top 16% of companies assessed by Ecovadis in its industry. Its 63 out of 100 score was an improvement of seven points over its previous score in 2021, earning Turtle a second silver medal.

Turtle earns Ecovadis  silver medal“Earning this validation of our ESG program through the thoughtful process that Ecovadis implements to evaluate a company’s transparent and measurable program, reaffirms the importance of our sustainability core value that envelops the principles of ESG,” said CEO Kathleen Shanahan. “We are investing in our people and our culture of innovation to deliver on our promise of responsible business practices and to rethink how we deliver energy solutions to our customers for a greener future.”

Ecovadis is a global platform that assesses companies' sustainability performance, considering environmental, social, and ethical factors. The Ecovadis assessment provides overall and category scores, and awards medals based on comparison to companies in similar industries. Ecovadis is an important tool for businesses looking to become more sustainable, providing both an objective evaluation of green practices and action items for improvement.

In addition to an overall score improvement, Turtle also realized increases in individual category scores for sustainable procurement (increase of 20 points), and ethics (increase of 10 points). Environmental and labor & human rights categories remained at the same level as in the previous assessment.

Ethics (70): Turtle demonstrated the thoroughness of its policies promoting transparency and ethical behavior at all levels of the organization. Turtle also demonstrated major improvements to its cybersecurity model as its moves towards an ISO 27001 certification.

Labor & Human Rights (70): Turtle’s category score reflects how it supports and advocates for employees through all stages of employment. It also underscores the strength of its policies and reporting mechanisms to ensure employee equity.
Sustainable Procurement (60): Turtle’s score improved by updating its supplier policies and contracts, surveying suppliers on sustainability efforts, and emphasizing its business with other Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (MWOBs).

Environmental (50): Turtle is tracking a wide range of metrics across its business, focusing on energy and waste consumption. In 2022, Turtle sourced 637,436 kWh of its energy from clean solar power at two of branch locations. It also recycled 9.74% of its total waste, equating to 98,966lbs of material saved from landfills. This percentage was up from 8.55% in 2021.

Turtle currently shares its Ecovadis report with 69 other companies that can view its scores each assessment cycle. If you would like to be part of Turtle’s Ecovadis network, please email