Posted July 28, 2022

OTC opens compressed air and rental facility

OTC Industrial Technologies announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility to support customer demand for its DIRECTAIR product.

OTC Industrial TechnologiesLocated outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, the facility will increase capacity by 200 percent, the company said. This is the second expansion in the last year, following the Kingman, Arizona facility. A third location is set to open in Houston in early 2023.

In addition, this new facility will serve as Critical Rental Solutions’ (CRS) second hub, further expanding OTC’s rental offerings into the Midwest.

“This new location will allow OTC to serve our customers with compressed air needs. Both DIRECTAIR and CRS product offerings are in high demand as they provide signficant value to our customers,” said Adam Gibbs, president of Air Supply at OTC. “I am excited to open this new facility as it will allow us to further help our customers find success.”