Posted August 5, 2020

ShurTech Brands becomes Shurtape Technologies

ShurTech Brands, recognized for consumer brands such as Duck brand duct tape and FrogTape brand painter’s tape, is changing its name to Shurtape Technologies LLC.

The change will be officially effective Dec. 31, 2020; however, branding changes began in June and continue through year-end. There will be no changes in ownership or management.

ShurTech has been part of the Shurtape Technologies Group of Companies since 2010 but has kept its identity separate. Moving forward, the company will be known as Shurtape Technologies’ Consumer & Craftsman Group (C&C) and will continue to market DIY (Do It Yourself), EIY (Express It Yourself) and Home and Office products under the Duck, T-Rex, FrogTape, Painter’s Mate and Shurtape brands.

“My father, Jack Kahl, founded our company on the spirit of imagination and innovation, and that will never change,” said John Kahl, chief executive officer of Shurtape Technologies’ Consumer & Craftsman Group. “However, as we continue to expand our product line, as well as grow globally, we wanted to bring the strength of the resources of ShurTech and Shurtape together. Our focus, as it always has been, will be to develop products that make people’s lives easier and help them do their jobs better.”