Posted August 14, 2020

Industrial production rose 3.0 percent in July

Total industrial production rose 3.0 percent in July after increasing 5.7 percent in June; even so, the index in July was 8.4 percent below its pre-pandemic February level.

Manufacturing output continued to improve in July, rising 3.4 percent. Most major industries posted increases, though they were much smaller in magnitude than the advances recorded in June. The largest gain in July—28.3 percent—was registered by motor vehicles and parts; factory production elsewhere advanced 1.6 percent.

In addition to the large advance for motor vehicles and parts, increases of more than 6 percent were recorded by aerospace and miscellaneous transportation equipment and by miscellaneous manufacturing. Substantial gains in the past three months have pushed the output of motor vehicles and parts to nearly its February level. The index for nondurables rose 1.3 percent in July, with gains of more than 3 percent for textile and product mills, for printing and support, and for petroleum and coal products. The output of other manufacturing (publishing and logging) increased 1.5 percent.

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