Posted August 22, 2023

Fasnap makes key leadership changes

Fasnap Corp is making key changes in management positions at several levels at its Elhart, Indiana, corporate office. Top among them is the promotion of Jeff Kendell to the role of president as of August 1.

Kendell has been a key salesman for Fasnap for over 20 years. He was calling on the company to sell them computer supplies when he met with the Reed family, who offered him a job. Kendell was first hired into the IT department but quickly transitioned into the sales department, where he remained and has successfully managed multiple sales territories. His leadership is ideally suited for Fasnap because of his strong history of creating and nurturing long-term relationships with key partners, collaborative team building, and delivering on key performance measures.

The company has also promoted Joe Killingbeck to chief operating officer and Dave Freshour to director of operations.

Killingbeck has been with Fasnap for five years as director of operations and has several years of prior experience overseeing global supply chains and operations for other industries. He is a U.S. Army veteran, and he received his bachelor’s and MBA from Purdue University.

Freshour has been with Fasnap for over 25 years in operations and has extensive experience managing various internal departments, including purchasing, distribution, facilities, and quality.

"Joe's and Dave's in-depth experience on leadership teams over the years has given Fasnap a competitive advantage and positions us to make key moves for the overall benefit of the operation and growth of the company,” said Kendell. “Experience and fit within an organization are essential to long term success in our industry. These two moves mark an important step in aligning the leadership team with the Fasnap strategic goals. Our leadership team combined has over 100+ years in the industry, which is just amazing.”