Posted August 29, 2019

IDCO adds Moblico as service provider

IDCO Co-op welcomed Moblico, a provider of texting services, contextual hybrid mobile apps and geo targeted advertising, as its newest endorsed service supplier.

Moblico helps distributors discover how data driven marketing communication solutions result in increased revenues, faster customer service, and more new customers.

"Moblico is thrilled to join the IDCO family and provide member distributors world-class mobile marketing communications at competitive discounted rates. Our solutions help distributors quickly and easily bridge the technology gap so they can do more business with their customers on mobile devices," saud Pierre Barbeau, CEO at Moblico.

Since 2010, Moblico’s mission has been to help independent distributors do more business on mobile devices. The company’s engagement and acquisition solutions have helped distributors, who have fallen behind executing their digital plans, bridge the technology gap, leapfrog their customer experience and transact with customers anytime, anywhere.