Posted September 3, 2019

CGW Abrasives becomes preferred provider to IBC

IBC announced the addition of CGW Abrasives (Camel Grinding Wheels) to its industrial buying group as a preferred supplier.

Based in Niles, Illinois, CGW Abrasives provides precision and general-purpose abrasive products in both value and premium pricing levels.

In becoming an IBC preferred supplier, CGW Abrasives provides industrial buyers served by IBC’s network of independent distributors with a well-rounded selection of products to grind, cut, sand or finish metal, glass, wood, brick and concrete surfaces. CGW Abrasives offers premium and price-sensitive products across several product categories including flap discs, precision vitrified grinding wheels for industrial applications, resin bonded grinding and cutting wheels, flap discs and surface conditioning products.

“CGW’s recent addition of Mike Sullivan as president and a renewed focus on innovation and competitiveness has transformed CGW into a stronger brand,” said Mark R. Higgins, business development, relations and recruitment. “The breadth of the product line with emphasis on performance production-oriented abrasives helps our members provide best in class solutions for end users.”

“We are very excited to be chosen as a preferred supplier to IBC. We feel that the combination of CGW’s 5,000 stock items and large network of sales and technical support coupled with IBC’s vast leadership network will provide end-users with many cost effective solutions and productivity gains,” said Sullivan.

Industrial buyers served by the IBC network of independent distributors represent the automotive, aerospace, power generation, building and construction, medical, chemical and paper industries, among others. In the U.S., it is estimated that independent distributors account for nearly two-thirds of all industrial supply chain sales.