Posted September 10, 2021

Walter to produce solid carbide drills in U.S.

Walter USA announced that Walter will assume operation of the round tool production unit in Greer, South Carolina, through an intra-company transfer within the Sandvik Group.

Walter is one of the Sandvik Group companies.

The company said that having a dedicated production facility in the U.S. will enable Walter to provide better responsiveness to customer demand as well as improve supply chain security. The transfer is expected to be complete during the second quarter of 2022.

The round tool manufacturing facility in Greer already produces Walter Titex brand solid carbide drills for Walter. Solid round tools are a significant part of the product portfolio for Walter in North America, and the production capacity will be fully committed to Walter's production during 2022. Both standard and special Walter Titex solid carbide drill products will be manufactured at the location.

“We at Walter are excited that we will have a solid round tool manufacturing footprint in North America. We consider Walter solid carbide round tools as the leader in this product area and these products differentiate Walter from all other premium brands. Having committed regional resources to these products demonstrates Walter’s commitment to our customers in the North American market,” said Richard Garrick, president of Walter Americas.