Posted September 15, 2023

Tools inside BlackHawk shipping totes unscathed in train wreck

BlackHawk Industrial, a distributor of metalworking and other mission-critical industrial products, gave an unexpected demonstration of the durability of its shipping totes when they faced the severe test of a recent train wreck.

Blackhawk shipping totesA shipment of 541 tools packed in Blackhawk totes was involved in a train wreck in Montana – over $70,000 worth of customer tooling at stake. After three weeks, BlackHawk received confirmation that the shipment was again in transit to its destination. When they finally arrived – battered and cracked from the accident – not a single tool inside the totes was damaged or lost.

“Seeing our shipping totes not just survive but excel in the face of a train wreck is a testament to the dedication and hard work that goes into our manufacturing processes,” said Jay Costa, director of manufacturing at BlackHawk Industrial. “We don't just deliver products. We deliver peace of mind to our customers, knowing their tools are in the safest hands, even in the most unexpected circumstances."

BlackHawk’s shipping totes made their debut at the BlackHawk Summit in 2019, where they impressed audiences by withstanding drops from various heights.

"BlackHawk's shipping totes are more than just containers,” said Costa. “They are guardians of your tools, ready to withstand even the most unexpected challenges. This remarkable story reinforces BlackHawk's position as a trusted partner across the production floor and why we are truly Big Enough to Serve and Small Enough to Care.”