Posted September 29, 2021

Kano Laboratories signs with RSC

Kano Laboratories, producer of the Kroil-branded penetrating oils and lubricants, signed an agreement with Regional Sales Company (RSC) to support Kroil customers and distributors in the Rocky Mountain region.

“RSC is an independent rep agency I’ve known for decades,” said Sevan Demirdogen, Kano Laboratories CEO. “They have great relationships with industrial distributors and large end users alike throughout all the Mountain States.”

Regional Sales Company is a family-owned manufacturer’s sales rep company established in 1946. The company is based in Denver and calls on industrial distributors, contractor supply houses, welding distributors, rental houses, and safety suppliers.

“This is the first independent rep agency we signed in our 82-year company history,” said Demirdogen. “We’re looking forward to RSC bringing our Kroil product and their quality service to customers.”