Posted October 8, 2019

WernerCo moves headquarters

WernerCo announced plans to move its U.S. based headquarters to Hamilton Lakes in Itasca, Illinois.

WernerCo headquarters rendering
Rendering of the lobby of the new WernerCo headquarters

The company is bringing together cross-functional executive team members, corporate staff and leadership from engineering, product development and marketing to support its comprehensive portfolio of global brands.

With the move to the new facility in Itasca, WernerCo will be able to accommodate future growth as the company continues to manufacture products designed for professional and consumer end-users.

“We are thrilled to move the WernerCo corporate headquarters to the business community of DuPage County,” said James T. Caudill, global chief executive officer at WernerCo. “Our new office space at Hamilton Lakes creates a unique economic opportunity and a business environment that will provide an excellent location to integrate our corporate teams. The space is conducive to collaboration and creativity among our employee base in a location that will also attract top talent. We are extremely optimistic about the new centralized location contributing to our long-term success.”

WernerCo's global brands include Werner Ladder, Knaack, Weather Guard, Zarges, Youngman, BoSS, Centaure, Duarib, Haemmerlin and Bailey. The manufacturer of access products, fall protection equipment, secure storage systems and light duty construction equipment employs more than 5,000 employees on four continents.