Posted October 17, 2018

Insite Software updates B2B commerce platform

Insite Software has released InsiteCommerce 4.4.4, the latest version of its B2B commerce suite of products.

The newest release includes enhancements such as Will Call, Dynamic Personalization, and marketing capabilities such as A/B Testing and Dynamic Product Recommendations. 

“We’ve experienced some major wins in 2018 including a top spot in the Forrester Wave for the third year in a row and of course the overwhelming success of our first user conference, Engage 2018. These things don’t happen without a strong commitment to listening to not only what our customers want, but what the industry needs to further digital transformation in the manufacturing and distribution space,” said Steve Shaffer, CEO and president of Insite Software. “Our latest release mirrors new capabilities that empower Insite customers to be even more competitive, right out of the gate.”

InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 includes new features within three major components of its product suite:

Cart and Checkout

InsiteCommerce is designed to manage the complexities of manufacturing and distribution companies’ cart and checkout experiences. Insite’s new Will Call feature enables customers to create an order online and pickup directly at a specific warehouse or other will call location. In addition, configurable cart and checkout rules and workflows can manage unique user experiences for both authenticated and guest users.

Native Personalization and Dynamic Product Recommendations

Personalization within B2B commerce is infinitely more complex than its cousin B2C model. Insite has added to its already robust personalization capabilities with dynamic data-driven product recommendations tailored for both new and existing customers. These new features improve upon Insite’s considerable ability to build unique, impactful experiences based on a host of segmentation, location, device and other data strategies. Personalization is built natively into InsiteCommerce, boosting manufacturers’ and distributors’ ability to create more powerful unique experiences that drive productivity and revenue simultaneously.

A/B Marketing

Whether the goal is to target existing customers with data specific to their needs by role or industry, or to use unique experiences to find and engage new customers through cross-sell and upsell opportunities, InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 provides marketers with the ability to conduct A/B marketing strategies in search of the right combination of tactics to meet and exceed customers experience expectations.

“Our experiences with hundreds of midsized manufacturers and distributors has been that they’re only just beginning to tap into the potential for increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of sales, and driving more revenue with B2B commerce,” said Karie Daudt, vice president of marketing and customer experience for Insite Software. “InsiteCommerce 4.4.4 represents a new standard in B2B commerce, giving organizations the ability to create powerful, highly personalized customer experiences in a short amount of time and for a reasonable price.”