Posted October 22, 2018

Lawson Products opens new Bolt Supply branch

Lawson Products announced the opening of a new The Bolt Supply House branch in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 12,000 square-foot facility, located in the Port Kells industrial area of Surrey, British Columbia, is stocked with industrial products including fasteners, power and hand tools, abrasives and safety products for companies and individuals. Lawson Products will occupy a portion of the warehouse space.

“The Bolt Supply House has been in Canada since 1948 and opening a branch in British Columbia is key to strengthening our supply chain regionally,” said Kurt Mario, president, The Bolt Supply House. “Recent competitor shifts have provided The Bolt Supply House opportunity in a sizable and growing market.”

Kevin Neal, who brings 35 years of British Columbia industrial distribution market experience to The Bolt Supply House, is managing the new branch. “Kevin and his team worked tirelessly to prepare the branch for business and are providing customers with the inventory, product knowledge and service that The Bolt Supply House is known for in the rest of Western Canada,” said Mario.