Posted October 23, 2018

Rex-Cut invests nearly $1M in manufacturing line

Rex-Cut Abrasives announced  that it is investing nearly $1 million in a new abrasive material manufacturing line.

Rex-Cut manufacturing plantSince 1928, Rex-Cut has made a proprietary abrasive material using a unique process that embeds grain into non-woven cotton fabric. Material varying in hardness and grit are produced to manufacture finished goods that are used in grinding, blending, and deburring applications in metalworking industries. All of Rex-Cut’s cotton fiber products, including type 1 wheels, type 27 wheels, mounted points, and finishing sticks, are produced in Rex-Cut's Fall River, Massachusetts, manufacturing plant.

This new system will increase efficiency and productivity throughout the abrasive material making process. The investment will also improve product consistency and quality as well as manufacturing longevity.

“This is by far the largest capital investment project that we have embarked on for the sustainability of our business and future generations of employee owners,” said Bob Costa, company president. The shutdown and dismantling of the old line is complete and new equipment is now being installed.

“The biggest challenge was producing surplus material to support Rex-Cut’s order requirements during the making line changeover while at the same time, keeping up with increased business conditions,” he said.

The new line is being installed over the next three to four months at Rex-Cut’s main facility and will replace a material making line built in the 1920s.