Posted October 27, 2020

Tofino partners with OptiCrib on IoT Storeroom management

Tofino Software, an e-procurement and MRO management software company, announced its global partnership with OptiCrib LLC.

Tofino’s MRO management, automated replenishment and customer-facing reporting are seamlessly integrated with OptiCrib’s transformative Internet-of-Things (IoT) storeroom management system within the industrial and commercial supply space.

OptiCrib provides convenience to industrial users by enabling them to select material and then check out by simply walking out of the storeroom. In the industrial B2B space the OptiCrib storeroom management solution utilizes ruggedized high-definition optical sensors combined with precise weight-sensing technology to automate intelligence into on-the-shelf inventory levels. The result is an accurate, accountable, and continuously-available solution for efficient and autonomous management of durable and consumable materials.

“Transformation of B2B operational processes are too often overstated, however the synergies of the Tofino MRO Inventory Management and OptiCrib partnership truly promise to revolutionize storeroom management,” said Michael DeVoney, OptiCrib’s executive vice president. “OptiCrib facilitates the end user MR [material requisition] experience, provides enhanced business intelligence, and delivers operational and cost efficiencies simply unachievable through conventional storeroom management, VMI, and product vending applications.”

OptiCrib aims to transform the industrial and commercial storeroom management paradigm by leveraging Tofino’s inventory management solution across a broad variety of markets, including healthcare, public safety, government, aerospace, entertainment, construction, and oil and gas.