Posted October 19, 2021

Kano Laboratories signs NorthCoast Sales Agency

Kano Laboratories, producer of Kroil-branded penetrating oils and lubricants, signed an agreement with NorthCoast Sales Agency (NCSA) to support Kroil customers and distributors in the northwestern United States.

“NCSA will represent our Kroil products in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon,” said Sevan Demirdogen, Kano Laboratories CEO.”

NorthCoast Sales Agency was established more than 30 years ago with offices in Seattle and Portland. The firm has long-term relationships with manufacturers, distribution partners and customers in the aerospace, forestry, utility, oil and gas, industrial, safety, emergency services, MRO, and construction markets.

“With the addition of the talented NCSA team, we now have all western states represented,” said Demirdogen.